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2 years ago

Cannot disable nomorobo

I suspect this feature is responsible for my two-part authentication calls being disconnected when trying to access accounts.  I go into phone tools and click it to shut off, but when I log back in it always is on.

Every other change I make is stored but this feature will not shut off.

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    I'm curious if Nomorobo has ever worked for you.

    - On Cox, disable Simultaneous Ring
    - On Cox, remove your Nomorobo-assigned number
    - On Nomorobo, disable your Cox-assigned telephone number

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      Actually disabling then reenabling "Nomorobo/Simultaneous Ring" (click it twice) opens a submenu where one is then able to disable "Nomorobo"- once saved the parent toggle (Nomorobo/Simultaneous Ring) reverts to "off".

      The interface is somewhat counterintuitive and can be a frustrating time waster because simply trying to toggle "Nomorobo/Simultaneous Ring" off does nothing apart from instigating discussions like this one.

      I believe the feature has prevented a good number of calls from ringing my phone but I suspect it has some unwanted effects on some needed automated calls.