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2 years ago

Cancellation Fee For Cox Care Not Cancelled . . . .

Since you locked my thread after you replied, I can only resort to posting a new thread on the topic.  Yes, Cox cancelled the Complete Care the last week of August.  I did not.  We had modem problems all summer, and I knew Cox was going to have to return eventually, because it probably wasn't the weather, as the first Cox tech who came out stated.  Very unusual for them to cancel?  I would think so, and I am not paying for that $75 cancellation.  I'll file a complaint with the FCC if it is not removed from the bill.  The $10 care cost was even on the same bill! 

Also, Tiffany at Cox, unless the FCC changed their rule in the last month or so, you MUST get a modem from Cox if you have a landline phone.  The modem must be a free lease, must have no monthly charge attached, and Cox can't say you have to get their modem/router and pay a monthly router fee, when you don't want a router from them.  I posted my thread to see if the problem with a cancelled Cox Care has happened to anyone else.  You have no business locking my thread since you either don't want any replies to it, except for your own, or because you think I was not honestly describing the situation.  I assure you everything I said was true, and it's the honesty of Cox that needs to be questioned.

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