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7 years ago

Can only call six countries w/Simply "Worldwide" ??

I am curious about Cox phone service, particularly international long distance rates.  I already have Cox internet service.

When I set zip code to 44116 (my zip code) in top right of page - Mexico, Canada, U.K, Philippines, Germany, Italy - that's it.  I noticed if I change Zip to another market like 85705 (Tuscon, AZ) that there is a searchable list of hundreds of countries.

How come my market is limited to six countries?  I contacted Cox Sales department and the representative couldn't explain the restrictions for my zip code.

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  • Hi djc6,

    You should have the same view as the other markets. We will forward this issue to our Web team to investigate. We will follow up once we receive feedback. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.