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4 years ago

Calls that appear to be from Cox

I keep receiving calls with  the caller ID Cox Store Pensa (850) 898-3411.  This number is an actual Cox Store in Pensacola, Florida.  I live in Arizona.  They want tell me that there is going to be some interruption with my internet and want me to get in front of my computer so they can walk me through what needs to be done.  I tell them no thank you and do not call back but they keep calling.  Please let your customers know that these calls are not legitimate and it is a scammer trying to get personal information from you. 

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    Thank you so much Bbert, we appreciate you taking the time to inform us. This could catch a lot of our customers off guard. You may want to reach out to the authorities about this matter. I will definitely reach out to my leadership about it. Thank you again.

    -Crystal S.
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      I received a call from 855)521-9830 pretending to be a Customer Service Representative, doing a survey on my internet services from Cox and before they asked any questions the call was disconnected. I don't give out my personal information over the phone. I just wanted people to be aware of this incident.