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5 years ago

caller ID showing my city

when I call some cell phones the caller ID shows my city and state rather than my name

I do not want the caller ID to show my city at this time.  I will be moving in a few months to a new city.  At that time it can show my city name.  If I can switch phone numbers now to one that is in that city that would be great - so it would show that city on caller ID as a default.
I've called Cox multiple times to get this resolved with no luck.  I want my name or my landline number from Cox to show up on other's caller ID but never city and state.
How do I resolve this?  

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    The provider of whomever you're calling is responsible to show the Caller ID.  For example, if you call Frank (a Verizon subscriber), Verizon provides the Caller ID for Frank...not Cox.

    If Frank calls you, then Cox provides the Caller ID.

    If Verizon is only showing your City State, Verizon is not looking up your phone number to your name.  Each lookup costs money...0.004 Verizon is either saving cash or Caller ID rules are different for cellular companies.

    Nothing you can do to resolve.

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    You might try "Caller ID Per Call Blocking"  (*67) to see if it will just block everything. 

    "Caller ID Per Call Blocking prevents your name and number from being displaying. on a per call basis".  (That's a copy and paste from Cox's website.  My high school English teacher would haunt me if I wrote something like that).