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4 years ago

Call Waiting

After people kept telling me my voice recorder would not pickup an unanswered telephone call, I finally tracked it down to the call waiting service.

I won't bother you with the details but I have the "economy" phone plan with COX. If I change plans to remove call waiting  it will COST $11 MORE A MONTH.

This is crazy.

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    Cox Voice Mail works with Call Waiting on.  But, unless your economy plan doesn't provide the ability to do so, why don't you just go into Voice Tools and turn off Call Waiting if you believe it's interfering with your phone's own voice recording?

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      I finally found the voice tools site and stored it so it would be easy to turn call waiting off. I have had Cox telephone service for 8 years and the problem only occurred in the last 2 months. I did find out that when the power for the modem goes off, then back on , the call waiting function  comes back active. This was probably most of my problem. Thanks for the advice.