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10 months ago

Call forwarding

Why would my phone ring when I have call forwarding turned on?  Makes no sense to me.  Is this some sort of a bug?

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    Call forwarding is designed to forward calls when service goes down I think. So when service is back up it still forwards the calls but rings you once to let you know you can turn the feature off.

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      Call forwarding should work all the time that it is turned on.  It should only turn off when we turn it off.  It should never ring our phone when it is turned on but it sometimes rings my phone for some odd reason.

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        Hi DRVEGAS, there are 4 options to send calls to another number:
        • Forward all calls
        • Forward calls when your line is busy
        • Forward missed calls
        • Forward calls from select callers (Selective Call Forwarding)
        For a complete review of these 4 features, go to and use the Explore Features dropdown box to select Call Forwarding. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator