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7 years ago


I can block some numbers by entering *60 but some numbers cannot be blocked. WHY?

e.g. I cannot block 652-365-8974. I am constantly called by this number.

The Cox service confirms that I have blocked this number but I keep getting calls from it.

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  • If you call *60 right after that number calls you, wait for it to tell you "your call rejection service is now ON", then dial #01#, it will read back the number.

    Is it telling you it is on?  Easy to miss.

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    This link should also help

  • If I read his post correctly, he's already followed the steps outlined in your link (hit *60), so assuming that, how is it helpful?

    His question was about a specific number that "*60" has failed to block.  Technically you're correct that it should help but had you actually read his post, or double checked what came up with the link you provided, you'd know it doesn't.

    JonathanJ said:

    This link should also help

  • Here ya go, if it makes the 800 notes list here it's definitely a scammer.  Too bad Cox doesn't respect their residential cumtomers' wishes, quit the excuses.

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    The number is most likely Spoofed (not the actual number the call is coming from), so blocking it won't help, because that is not the real number.

    Phone Number Spoofing is becoming very common, even though it is technically illegal.

    I get multiple daily calls from my same prefix all the time, a sure sign the number is Spoofed. When I call the number back it is almost always disconnected.