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3 years ago

be on alert for scam calls saying they are from COX

I received a call just now saying that there had been a breakdown that effected my internet connection and they wanted me to get on my internet do they could show me how to fix it.  I just told them I knew this was a scam and hung up.  The caller id said US Foods and the number said 480-245-1487.  

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    I can confirm that number 480-245-1487 isn't a Cox number.

    Jonathan J
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      I got a phone call from an 8xx area code and the Caller ID said COX.  They were trying to claim they had a deal for me asking me if I stream or work from home etc...  when I told them I was happy with my existing service, they asked me to verify my COX pin number - that's when I hung up.   They did know my name and did the "This call may be recorded for training purposes" claim at the start of the call.  Felt very scammy and their english was very poor.

  • Hi Ky, We value your business and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I'm truly sorry that this happened. Please email us at so that we can obtain more information about this call from you. 

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    I luv the scam callers. I have a virtual system setup that I let them remote into and do whatever they want, and then all I have to do is reboot, and delete all changes. One time after doing so, I said (in my best innocent voice), "WOW, it's running better than ever, what's your address so I can mail a check". LOL LOL LOL, He was so mad, he actually tried to syskey my system. I waste their time for an hour or two, cause as long as I am wasting their time, they aren't stealing money from someone who is not aware of their scam.