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5 years ago

Anyone using Jolly Roger Phone Co for spammers?

Is anyone using Jolly Roger Phone Co. for spammers?   It requires simultaneous ring which we now have.  The concept sounds good and it even adds a measure of revenge against the spammers.   I don't know if it can coexist with Nomorobo but I'm ready to give up on that because it isn't blocking anything.

  • can some one tell me how to lock some one oout

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  • I’m ready to use ANYTHING besides Nomorobo, because it maybe blocks 25% of calls.  I have received at least 100 calls in the last couple months from about 4 different blocks of numbers in the 475 area code, and NONE of them have been blocked, and continue not to be, despite me reporting each one.  What’s the point of having a call blocking service if it doesn’t block anything?  I have YouMail for my cell, which allows me to block non-contacts and neighborhood spam, and it is a million times more effective.  I’ve pretty much resorted to taking my phone off the hook to avoid the aggravation.