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6 years ago

Any updates to Cox email working on iOS 12 iPhones?

Hello All,

Has anyone gotten their iPhone iOS 12 to work with Cox email?


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    Hello All.

    So after I could not get much help from the support team here, I went to the Apple site.  I had my account set up as a POP account, as that was the way it was set up initially several years ago. No one at Cox support ever told me to move to an Imap account....however when I went to the apple site and put in my email, it told me I should be using imap instead of POP.  I then spoke with Apple support and they quickly walked me through deleting my account and adding it back.....after I backed up all my data to be safe. Once I deleted my account and added back, it is now working great. email once again.

    It would be great if the Cox and Apple teams worked closer together....and that would start with Cox at the very least having info for iOS 12......its fairly mature and has a high saturation rate at this point...yet the instructions are for iOS 11 on the webpage as of 12-27-18.....let hope they are updated soon.

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      Hi MnSD, I'm sorry you had trouble with your email after your iPhone updated to iOS 12. I've requested that the instructions in the Cox Support article be updated for iOS 12. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator