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3 years ago

You're company is the worst

I had the displeasure of contacting your customer service. I made a payment of $124.87 and called to verify it was accepted because for some reason your company is the only one I have problems making payments to. I made 2 attempts through ACH but they got returned even though I verified the funds were available and no restriction were placed on this specific merchant. I talked to 3 different reps and instead of help, I got dumped to collections. Your agent Annie was truly a disgusting person. Her solution? Pay more money. I need my connection since I have to find work after losing it to covid. I had to choose between work and my insulin this month all because I couldn't get a small extension. You people are truly human garbage that just sees people as dollar signs. If there was actually any decent alternatives in my area, I would have already left your poor excuse of a company. I know this falls on deaf years, since this company couldn't care less about just one customer but I thought I'd share my experience with you. I hope who ever is reading this has a great day. Unless that person works for Cox.

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