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28 days ago

Yahoo Email Transition Issue #1

Like many others, I Iam not having success with transitioning all my .cox email addresses. One account (not this one) has asked my to put in a new password about 8 times now. What I get when I am able to login at is a blank page With all items in left column displaying redact bars and the main page saying something to the affect of "Transfer all your accounts..." instead of displaying my email. 

I have called yahoo three times in the last 24 hours, only to be disconnected before a representative picks up or while I am trying (very nicely) to explain my issue to the representative. The shortest off those three calls was 13 minutes, the longest was 28 minutes.  Very frustrating to invest that much time and energy just trying to get my issue presented much less resolved. 

I really do believe Cox should have negotiated a better transition solution with yahoo before dumping this mess on its millions of customers. 😠

(I have an unrelated issue with this transition in post Yahoo Email Transition Issue #2)

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    So far have spent a little over 2 hours either holding or discussing with Yahoo tech support. The last discussion culminated in Yahoo stating they would send me a new migration email for my one account as they concluded that the transition was incomplete. That was 9 days ago. Crickets since then. Of course, it was my most important account...

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    What they should have done is transitioned to Gmail instead.

    Getting things setup on Yahoo is only the beginning, after that you have to deal with security/privacy issues.