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4 months ago

Yahoo! email charges

So I discover that Cox is forcing its email users to go to Yahoo!, but it's a bad deal.  My main gripe is that Yahoo! wants to charge $5/mo for a basic service like email forwarding.  This really sucks.
Also, getting MS Outlook to work with Yahoo! has been a confusing process.  I got it to work, but....geeeesh!

I am tiring of Cox. Its ISP has become unreliable as of late.  Who needs cable anymore? The only real difficulty is telling everyone who contacts me by email of a new email address.  That's like hundreds of contacts. 

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  • Hello, thank you for your feedback regarding your transition moving your email account over to Yahoo servers.  Sorry for any inconvenience this has created for you.  If you are currently having concerns with your connection.  Please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at anytime for assistance. We are always happy to help.

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      I've converted three of my four email addresses, but yahoo! won't recognize my fourth (and main) email address.

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      Hi, Jim. I understand your concern and I want to help. Outlook has a built-in mail forwarding feature you can use. In most versions, it's under Settings, Mail, Forwarding and Enable forwarding. With regards to the one account that will not work, send us an email to and we would be glad to assist you. 

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    Cox Webmail has 'Copy into" and "Redirect to" Filter Rule actions.  If Yahoo has the same rule actions, a combination of the two rules should do almost the same thing that Webmail forward and retain a copy did.  (Forwarded messages will appear to come from you while redirected email will appear to come from the original sender).  I don't have a Yahoo account so I can't test it.  Yahoo probably doesn't have "Redirect to".  If you try it, let us know.

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    I just transferred my email yesterday. And now my email on yahoo had ads constantly coming in I don’t know what us what anymore. I refuse to pay a cent to yahoo. Let Cox pay them since cox did not decrease our cox bills once they move the email out?  Why didn’t us cox users get a decrease in out bills. Cox is so greedy!!!

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      Hi Df. Email was offered as a complimentary service to our internet customers. We did not charge for it and that is why the bills have not been reduced. For account-specific support please email us at