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5 years ago

Xbox internet stability

so as the title says im consistantly having issues with my internet on my xbox one the most down i have seen was a spike that took me to about 100mbs, my ping is constantly in flux the best part is when i run a cox speed test i can litterally see my connection stabilize. and before you customer service reps ask i have reset my modem and cycled power i have also taken everything else off the internet and turned off the WiFi. any help would be appreciated

my PC will get around 300mbs down and about 30 up on other speed test sites such as ooka and i know i wont get excatly 30 over 300 but right now im getting about a third overall.

console is hardwired in the my modem

i have a cox Arris TG2472 

im paying for 300 mbs down and 30 up

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