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3 months ago

Wireless Internet speed slowed to a crawl

Hey curious if anybody is able to look at these and can see the problem I’m having. Right before I left for Christmas Break I came home from work and noticed all smart devices were knocked out at my house. Thought it was an outage and would come back to everything fine. Week later problems still persist. Wifi will drop out frequently when it is on speed tests are waaay slow. If I ethernet into a computer runs great. Looking like a wifi problem? Logged into the modem and these are what I was pulling.

Modem is a Motorola MB8600


  • Thanks for any help!


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  • Hi Brant, We want to help you understand your issue with slow speeds while using wifi. I will be glad to look into this Please reach out to us privately with your account info, with your full street address, and a link to this forum post. Our email address is

    I also recommend checking out this link It has suggestions for some things to help improve wifi speeds.

    Greg P

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    If your wired connections are OK, then it's not the modem/service. What model router do you have? Basically check your router logs for why your wireless is cutting out. Could be a bad router or just wireless interference.