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6/28/24 I recieved a text from cox at 2:40pm "Cox: We're experiencing an outage in your area, and working quickly to resolve. You should be reconnected by 05:10PM. We'll send regular text updates. Thanks for your patience, and we're sorry for the inconvenience." 

And another at 5:11pm  "We're still working to get your service back online, unfortunately it's taking longer than expected. You should now be reconnected by 09:10PM, but we'll continue to text updates as they're available."

And 30 minutes later "Cox: The outage in your area is resolved, but it appears one of your devices is having trouble connecting."

BEFORE this "outage" I had 0 issues with my service and 0 issues with the CoxWifi hitspots. EVERYTHING was working perfectly After this "Outage" I still havent been able to connect to my internet or a hot spot for that matter. I was on the chat support with COX from 7pm - 3am and today 7pm -11pm trying to figure you the issues. They said they were unable to connect to my modem all of the sudden. and they can only fix it if I agree to have a tech come out which would cost $75. I said it was working just fine what could have changed and that I don't want another tech to come out because the last tech who came out didnt do anything literally but I got changed $100 they said my modem could me to old and I might need a new one. I said it less then 2 months old you guys sent me. I still declined the tech , and asked why is it that I still cant connect to the hotspots. They said I troubleshooted your modem we cannot connect to it I'll schedule you a tech, I again said no thank you. They ended the chat. My Neighbors have the same issue and same with my friend who live across the street. Cox chat us a joke. I've only had service for 2 months this is ridiculous. No answers to why i get

"" cant obtain ip address" when trying to connect to a hot spot. I'm so frustrated I woke from home and attend online school I kind of need WIFI to do that. What can I do?

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  • Hello, I know how frustrating loss of service can be. I recommend sending an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to 

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    They gasslight everyone not using their modem rental scam. File an FCC complaint. Make them credit you for the cost of equipment that they lied about. They don't care about you. They cate about fines and threat of regulation.