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5 years ago

Wi fi security cameras

I cant find anything in the cox app to help me. I have cox wifi and i want to hook up cameras for security. I cant even tell if the cameras have picked up the wifi signal. Can anyone tell me how to connect the cameras to my wifi and my phone?

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    IP cams should have setup software with them. If you are using a cloud service it's pretty straight forward. If you are just using IP cams you'll need to VPN into the house or use port forwarding. Port forwarding is a bit tricky as you need a different iP and a different open port for every cam. Say the 10 octet is used in your home Cam 1 Cam 2 and so on. Use a good router like an ASUS 88 or above for port forwarding as you open the device up on that port for attack. You don't have to use the ports I used but make sure you don't create a conflict.