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Why is my Gigablast Upload speed always less than half of 35 and often in single digits including 0.

I have been calling Cox Support about problems with my internet speed it seems like forever and nothing ever gets looked at because there seems to be a perpetual outage in my area all the time.

The story is the same they won't look at it until the outage has been cleared yet sometimes it gets higher or I have no upload at all.

Programs would frequently access call Jamkazam or Pro Tools cloud are not working due to this issue.

Jamkazam requires at least a 15 megabit upload speed towto effectively without audio errors.

upgraded to Gigablast to get the extra upload speed to be able to utilize these apps but the network is too inconsistent for either of them to work correctly.

I have called Cox Support often to have somebody look at my connection speed settings to see if something has been downgraded or changed to account for this speed inconsistency issue but nobody will look at speed settings due to other outage issues are closed but new one happen frequently so the result is nothing gets fixed.

Download speed is also affected but as long as I have 300 to 400 I would be happy with that for most functions but it's occasionally dropping below that as well.

When will these issues be resolved and why is it there always seems to be an outage of some sort at my residential location in TempeATempe 

Here is a summation of speed tests I've run from my Arris SBG 8300 modem router over the past couple of days.

July 3rd - 7:39PM  upload speed 4  download 185

July 3rd  - 7:11PM upload speed 5 download 334

July 3rd. - 8:08AM upload speed 34 download 559

July 2nd  - 10:08PM upload speed 7 download 368

July 2nd. - 5:31PM upload speed 11 download 369

July 2nd. - 4:50PM upload speed 6 download 250

July 2nd. - 12:35PM upload speed 2 download 385

July 2nd. -  12:32PM upload speed 1 download 417

July 2nd. - 12:30PM upload speed 0 download  198

June 30. - 9:58PM upload speed 12 download 670

I have logs that go back further but they're all just as inconsistent as these. 

Since I can't get at least a 15 megabit upload speed consistently I can't use the programs mentioned above.

I would gladly trade a hundred megabit off of my gigablast download speedpspeed just to get another 50 megabytes of upload so that I can consistently have at least 15 to 20 available but I don't suppose that's possible.

I have had a recent visit from a Cox technician and there was a problem attributed to one of the other outage issues that I was told was resolved but these numbers tell a different story as my internet connectivity is still inconsistent.

Thank You

Curt Foster

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