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2 years ago

Why is my email not receiving emails??

I'm trying to reset some passwords in various places that require me to click on the link within an email - but I'm not receiving any emails!  I've checked all of my settings, everything seems fine.  They are NOT going to spam.  There is just....nothing.  This is ALSO  happening with long time contacts - all of a sudden I'm not getting emails anymore  What is going on here??? And how do I get this fixed???

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    This is happening to me as well.  Sent myself an email x 3.  Not received.  When I try to verify accounts using my email, those emails are received about 30 min to an hour later.  Chatted with a "live support person".  Changed all the privacy (etc) settings that were recommended but still have not received my emails either in spam or inbox.  Now "Oliver" isn't answering

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      My guess is because the email vendor had just implemented a new platform, perhaps its mail queues are stuffed.  You are sending/receiving...just not very quickly.  Give it a day or so.

  • By chance do any of you experiencing this issue also aggressively configure message rules to filter out spam/junk?  If this sounds like you, I suggest checking your message rules.  You'll want to particularly scrutinize any rules that use "OR" operators vs "AND".