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3 years ago

Where can I find documentation on Panoramic modem?

My Panoramic modem is currently attached to COX COAX for input. I'm using standard WIFI features. Since I'm a computer professional with strong preference for wired Ethernet to desktop computers, I'm using a ETH1 slot on Modem connected to a CISCO switch. This configuration provides reliable constant network performance to my desktops. Can the 2nd Ethernet slot, ETH2, be used concurrently with ETH1? Thanks for your support.

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    I understand why you'd ask this because the 2nd port on previous units...if not deactivated...were merely switched ports to share at Layer-2 but no Internet.  On later units, however, I do believe both ports are active and 1 probably at a higher clock speed.

    If the Pano includes a router, I never understood why it doesn't include 4 clearly-marked LAN ports.  Some do I guess.  Why label these 1-2 ports "ETH"?  Ethernet is just the technology to connect computers via cable...any cable.  Heck, 10Base2 was Ethernet.  Why not label as "WIRE" port?

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      Thanks, Bruce. If except of routing Ethernet (CAT6) from Pano to Cisco switch - industrial grade - I having done much else until recent interest of using the 2nd Ethernet port.