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24 days ago

What router would I need

So if I change my service, I will need to purchase a new router. What is the right router to buy?

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    I purchased a Netgear RAXE300. It's pricey, but has been an outstanding performer! I partnered it with a Netgear CM 2500 modem, another excellent performer. Pricey, but outstanding. You get what you pay for. Whatever you do, avoid Motorola MB products, they aren't Motorola products, but ZOOM Telephonics products. If you are looking for Motorola, then you are looking for ARRIS Surfboard line. 

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    I've been an experienced and credentialed network admin & power user, since my first 2400 baud modem in 1989. (My fathers were DXers and amateur radio buffs.) However, I've come to the realisation that customer premises routers are the weakest link in the Cybersecurity landscape today.

    therefore, I really have no business trying to manage my home-based router or modem anymore. it is more preferable, by far, to rent hardware from Cox and allow them to run the updates and security from their side. The Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi app is sufficient for typical family needs to manage devices, assign them to household members, monitor network status, and much more. price includes a free upgrade every 3 years, I believe.

    as someone who has owned and destroyed several compromised routers in the past year, the peace of mind is well worth $15 a month. I'm happy to stay out of the zombie botnets. 😎