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3 years ago

What is the scale of GB on the WiFi App graph?

I have spoken to more than 25 Cox Tech agents and at least mentioned my problem.  It has not been solved and my specific questions have not been answered.  Cox knows you have a problem with the metering but is covering it up. You say "we are working on something new." I see posts about metering problems going back 7 years!

I had Cox 3 services for all of 2021.  In Jan of 2022, I started to get warnings I would go over my data.  I wasn't doing anything different than in the whole year of 2021. For my bill Dec 2021 to Jan 2022, I used 150 GB TOTAL.  In Jan to Feb, I used, according to Cox, over my 1480 GB allocation.  I called and called.  No one could explain.  I sent pictures of my usage graph from the Wifi app, but was told agents cannot receive any attachments.

I have specific questions about the wifi app, and the usage for each device displayed as a graph.  Each graph gives a % used, and a descriptive characterization in words:






NOWHERE is there an explanation of how many GB each description represents.  In addition, there are bars on the graph.  BUT THERE IS NO SCALE ON THE GRAPH.


NOWHERE is there an explanation of what the % on the screen represents.  

For TV, I have the Cloud DVR.  I set regular TV network (CBS, NBC. ABC) shows to record and in addition I set some cable channel shows to record, like MSNBC and TNT for some NBA basketball games.  Almost all the TV I watch is recorded.  I might sometimes watch a live PBS show because there are no commercials.  Most regular cable shows on MSNC I have set to keep just one show, so even if I don't watch it, it is replaced with the next day's show.

I do not play games and I do not stream movies.  I have a computer and I do financial things and make, scan and store PDF documents and other documents.  I receive many emails.  I take pictures with my phone, and previously with my cameras.  My pictures are on my computer and along with all my other files are backed up on backblaze. All these things I did in 2021 without a warning of going over.

When we moved to Mesa in late 2020, my Cox TV service was changed from a physical DVR to Cloud DVR.  I was told it would work the same, which interface is mostly true.  However, I was not told that watching TV would be metered.  However, I watched TV the same way in all of 2021, and never got a warning about data usage.  In fact, I would say in 2021 I was not specifically aware that there was a data limit on my account (without extra charge) of 1280GB.

Here is the thing. I just attempted to login to the wifi app so I could quote the information on the graph.  I got the message "Let's Try That Again We couldn't load your settings.  If the problem persists, check back later."  THIS IS TYPICAL.  It rarely works on the first try.  I have had multiple outages where Cox has been "Working on the Network".  Ok now I got the main screen.  I hit the "View Network Details" link. Now I hit the Network Devices Gateway Online link.  It shows my 7 connected devices.

Desktop-JBVKHET-my late wife's computer that is used very little.

Garage Door opener


Living Room 2 (This is the TV device for my ONE TV)

Nexia XL824 This is actually my TRANE Thermostat

TAYLOR-PC  This is my Lenovo desktop computer

Taylor-s-S21-Ultra- this is my Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile phone

If I hit Living Room 2, it shows me a graph with no vertical scale.  The X axis horizontal scale is time in hours.  Since the current AZ time is 1:46 PM, the time scale goes from 1pm on left, 12am in middle, to 12pm on right, with at least a dot for every hour.  The graph is labeled "Network Activity  Today 92% " Above the bars of the graph it says "Past 24 Hours of Activity   Very High"  The 8, 9 10 and 11 pm hour bars are much longer than the 2 3 and 4 pm hour bars, or the 11 am and 12 pm bars.  This is my TV device.  In the afternoon, I watched coverage of the Preakness horse race.  In the evening I watched news and a 2 hour dateline show. 

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE EXACT MEANING OF "TODAY   92%" displayed on the screen.  92% of WHAT and how many GB is it?  Why is the bar for some hours of TV much longer than the bars of other hours?  Why is there no number showing the scale of GB that the bars represent?  I have asked this question of 27 different Cox Tech Support agents and they can't tell me, including 3 Cox Complete Care agents.  I expected Complete Care Agents to at least explain to me what the graph represents in GB.  They could not.

On the Thermostat graph, every other hour bar is the length of half the longest bar on the TV device, but the percent says <0.1%.  This is not possible.  It is a thermostat.  The graph and % of the thermostat conflicts on its face with the graph and % for the TV device.

In February, Cox claimed that I used 500GB more than the 1480 GB that comes with my account.  The last agent I spoke to before I got the bill told me if that's what it says, I will be charged $10 for each 50 GB over.  She said they would not waive the overage a second month, as it was waived for a 50 GB overage in January.  I got the bill the next day.  Sure enough, there was a $100 charge for the overage.  Guess what, there was a $100 credit WITH NO EXPLANATION.

Not one Cox agent has taken on their responsibility to get my answers, and I still have none.  I saw a closed post from years ago complaining about the accuracy of the metering.  The explanation really did not answer the questions.

I would like to know exactly where the metering is done and how it is done.,  I would like to know the exact name and address of the certifier, and the last time the metering was certified as accurate.  I believe that Cox should not use a metering system they know does not show customers accurate usage data.  It also does not give customers an opportunity to see and figure out for themselves what actions of theirs causes high data usage.  Also, Every Cox bill that bills for TV service and metered data for watching TV needs to clearly state that fact on the bill.  I would call charging TV service customers for TV AND for metered data double-dipping without clear notice.

I need a reply soon.

Thank you.

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    I could never get an answer as well. I started with unlimited data and now I have a cap that we almost always hit untill I physically disconnect the cable for a few days.  Like a third world country. My cell plan had more data. available than cox.  You DON'T NEED but a few Mbits to stream.  Three or four Mbits from our cellular connection works great. You.don't get 4K but you also don't get the artificial stress caused by cox. Coosing to lower your data plans speed helps keep your usage  low. Purchasing a cell booster works great. When I transition my bills, accounts, etc away from cox  email then I can drop them entirely due to the data caps.