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4 years ago

What is the difference between business and residential internet service? Who can I talk to that can address this?

I looked and saw that Im paying ~$150 for residential and business packages include a tier with the same price point. After googling a little further I saw that business includes an SLA. SInce WFH (Work from home) is critical and my residential package does not appear to include any SLAs I'd like to know more about the business package

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  • Hi JakeSpeed1966,

    For information about our Cox Business services please visit If you prefer to speak with a Cox Business Specialist please call 1-800-261-4021 Mon – Fri 8 AM-11 PM ET, Sat 10 AM-7 PM ET, Sun 11 AM-4 PM ET. You can also click here: to schedule a consultation with a Cox Business Specialist.

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        Glad to hear it @ JakeSpeed1966!

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