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6 months ago

What is going on with Cox customer support!!!

I live in Arizona and I have had Cox cable for probably 15 years and never really had any issues, with the exception of this latest with Cox. I moved into a new place on November 15th 2023 and my internet was always "spotty", so I checked the site and they had been working on the lines for a few days in this area. Anyway it continued after that, so I started calling Cox tech support and most of the people I spoke with there was a huge language barrier so needless to say it was tough to get anything across what was actually happening. I work at a local hospital and half of my work is done at home and I need reliable service. I ended up having to have someone come out and figure out why my internet was so up and down and the company that came out (not Cox) said the line had a break in it and needed to be replaced. However they were unable to do it that day and I needed to reschedule it for another day. That was on a Tuesday of this week. I called and got on the schedule for Wednesday of this week, with a 2 hour window, so I was unable to actually go into work or much of anything else etc. The time window came and went and no one called or showed up. I called Cox who then called the company they use and made up some excuse why the tech couldn't come and put the wire in and they rescheduled me for today. Well that time frame came and went and I have been on the phone with Cox for no less than 2 hours today trying to get it handled, I even spoke to a supervisor who assured me that they would still be here, and hour and a half PAST the time window and of course, I am still waiting and no one is showing up!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions to help me out here? If this is what I can expect from Cox now I am definitely going to be switching and right now any one would be better than them, customer service wise. 

Any help is great, 

Thank you. 

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    I'd like to look into this for you!  Please send me an email at and include your full name and address along with a link to this post.  Thanks!



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