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5 years ago

Webmail sign out not working

Breaking out from another post:

I have a few different user IDs for different purposes (hobby forums, important stuff, etc)  When I view Webmail (Firefox, Win7) I used to be able to sign out using the  icon on the Webmail toolbar.  It would take me to a login page.  NOW when I select that sign-out icon it just reloads the current page with the list of emails.   In order to "log out" of that user ID,  I need to completely exit from the browser.  Then I have to start again, login to another ID, close browser to logout if I want to check a different ID...   Yes, it can be done but it is extremely inconvenient.

This just started two days ago.

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  • @Dxd, You can change the automatic sign out option in the settings menu to help alleviate this concern. You can choose between 5, 10, 15, and 30 mins. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      thanks, but that doesn't really address the issue.  I want to be able to sign out NOW, using the icon that is provided for doing just  that ,  so that I can login to a different ID NOW.  

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    I'm having the same issue when using Chrome.  It also started in the last couple of days.  If I switch to the Edge browser, sign out works as it should.  I believe the coding for the platform was changed but not checked for usability with Chrome or Firefox.

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    I use Chrome and clicking "Sign out" in the Settings menu takes me to the "Sign in to Webmail" page.   So, it doesn't appear to be an issue with Chrome.

    Delete "" cookies

    From the Cox Webmail page, click the "View site information" icon.(upper left just to the left of the Omnibox)

    Click "Site settings"

    "Usage" may display "No usage data" initially.  Wait for the number of cookies to display (may take 30-60 seconds).  Then click "Clear data" to delete only "" cookies. 

    Check for bad extensions

    While in Site settings, click "Safety check".  Then click the "Check now" button.  This may remove extensions that you've added (good or bad).  So, just be aware.

    Or, at the top right, click   More tools  Extensions  to eliminate other variables while testing each enabled extension.