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5 years ago

webmail doesn't log out, security risk

For the last month or so, when I log out of cox webmail, the session doesn't close. If after logging out, I open a new tab at the cox webmail, my session and all my emails open right up. Big security risk, especially if using a public computer.   Please fix your webmail application.

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  • How exactly are you logging out? I just tested it myself and it stayed logged out. I clicked the log out button at the top right inside of webmail.

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    If another tab is open in the same browser when a Cox WebMail tab is closed, clicking a Cox WebMail shortcut or pasting the Cox WebMail URL into the browser address bar will reload the user's WebMail without re-entering the user's Cox credentials.  Clicking "Sign out" from WebMail only replaces WebMail with the Cox WebMail sign in page.  As long as the tab for the sign in page is open and/or any other browser tab is open (new or already open when signed out from WebMail), the user's WebMail can be reloaded with the WebMail shortcut or the pasted WebMail URL without the user's Cox credentials being re-entered.

    You must close the browser to completely sign out of Cox WebMail.

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    what's the big deal, i never logout, i just closed the link to see if any email is in spam folder that i want/move to inbox....

    to re-login next time anyway?