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8 months ago

Webmail account verification

I have several Webmail accounts.  I recently received a couple of emails titled "You Have New Ϲox Documents" from Ϲox Communications<> to my primary account which said I am not logged into my email account and asked me to sign in to Cox Webmail and verify all my account details.  It also said that if I am not signed in it will go ahead and delete my account.

I went to the Communications History page but did not see these emails.  I also tried to chat with a live agent of Cox customer service and, as expected, after going round and round in their confusing website got nowhere.

It sounds like phishing, anyway.  Any comments?

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    It sounds like an email from Cox but just to verify that try @CoxHelp on X AKA Twitter.

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    Sounds like phishing to me. A official Cox email would never come from a email.

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        Esteemed Contributor is reserved for Residential email. If you google it, it belongs to some customer named Nikki.