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4 years ago

We should get a discount for these slow speeds

I live in Vegas and our internet is so slow we can barely use it.  Despite the replies by cox in these forums that we should check our connections, wiring etc., we all know its nothing on our side that is causing the slow speeds, so I wish cox reps would stop pretending thats the case, we arent stupid, please stop treating us like we are.  We understand that theres a rise in people being home & therefore people being online which is slowing speeds for everyone, but we shouldnt be paying full price for an internet we cannot use.  While I appreciate the small "credit" cox is offering for unlimited data plans like mine and the "pause" in charges for data overatures for others, we should not be paying what we are for the limited service being provided to us.  I understand that you are trying to make money, but at some point doesnt compassion come into play?!  Ive seen peoples posts about not being able to pay their bills because they were laid off be shown such disregard, Ive seen you close & lock their posts.  While other companies have shown compassion under the circumstances, does cox really want to be known as the company that only cared about money, and not helping their loyal customers at a time like this?!

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    this is a "how to forum", not meant for billing issues & why threads are locked quickly.

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      alright. they should let us know how to get even up to a third of the bandwidth we're paying for on a regular basis. or how to get a refund because they refuse to admit there's a widespread problem in Vegas. plenty of how-to questions about this.