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10 months ago

Watch TV online message "Connect to in-home WiFi to watch. Why? (It is connected to Wifi).

I'm on my PC which is hard-wired to the Internet, But just to make the online service happy, I connected to the Wifi router and it still gives me the message.

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      That was it! Thanks! How is it a huge Internet provide like Cox can't work around VPN, but banks and such can? Maybe they'll figure that out later. People like a more secure network. All closed!

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        The problem is Cox only allows you to watch some content from your home devices .This has to do with agreements between Cox and the content providers. Part of how it does this is by looking at the public IP the request is coming from. When your behind a VPN, you are going through a different IP which Cox see is different then your home address. Your bank doesn't care where you access the website. Cox does. That is the difference. Glad you were able to get to the bottom of it.