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10 months ago

warrington in Pensacola have service

When will warrington in Pensacola have service? I am outside Corey station and we have been out since 6/15. I’ve called and no one can answer me.

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  • Same problem here! I live off New Warrington Road and would like to know when service will be successfully restored. Will the customers affected by this outage get some sort of credit on their bills for this inconvenience?

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    Does it show anything when you check for outages? Oddly enough, proactive notification just went live on the 15th for your area. I wonder if related. See here for signing up for text notification.

    Use the following information to request or stop text notifications about a current outage.

    • To request an update, text UPDATE to 269898.
    • To stop notifications, text STOP to 269898.
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      All the notifications show is working on the problem. Called last night and cox said it should be up by late evening yesterday. It’s not up at all.