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3 years ago

Video Streaming Mystery


I m really looking for help on this.  Not sure where to turn, so maybe someone can clear this up for me or suggest where to get info.  I have one website with online videos that I watch via PC (directly plugged into router) that stop every few seconds (swirly thing).  The website is  When I watch the same videos on youtube, they play just fine.   Any other video online plays just fine.  It's just the videos on this particular website that are giving me trouble.  However, today I discovered another wrinkle.  When I watch the same videos on the same website ( on my cellphone, I get the same stop and start playback...this is with wifi engaged.  When I turn off wifi on my cellphone and use mobile data (TMobile), the videos on the same website ( run perfectly fine.  Now, I'm wondering if it has to do with my router (Arris surfboard SPG7600AC2)...but then I don't understand why other videos on other websites don't have the same problem.   Thank you if anyone can help.

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    I doubt anything is wrong with your router because other sites stream fine.

    You have described 3 different routes for the stream.  Between a Cox Edge router and Church, there may be a choke point or overly saturated router causing you to buffer.  Church uploads videos to YouTube so this would be an entirely different path and infrastructure for a better stream.  On your phone, your cellular route may be bypassing the choke point between Cox and Church by using cell towers instead of routers.