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4 years ago

UPnP on Technicolor Gateway?

I have Gigablast with Cox's "Panoramic Wifi Modem" aka the gateway by Technicolor.

I dug around through the admin page settings as well as settings on and I can't see to find any option to see if UPnP is enabled or not.

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    Hi @Chris_c21
    Try going into the Port Forwarding setting. Please download the Cox Wifi App onto a smartphone or tablet. Then press 'Connect' at the bottom, press 'See Network', scroll down to 'More' and press 'Advanced Settings'. Once you are in the advanced settings manual you will see 'Port Forwarding at the top.

    Ben S.
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      Thank you, Ben.

      Yeah, I can do manual port forwarding, just wanted to see if there was a UPnP toggle switch like other routers have.