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7 years ago

"Upgraded" to Ultimate now house is shut down

Hi, I have had the 150mbps internet for almost 3 years.  We recently "upgraded" to 300mbps and changed to an appropriate modem from the Cox rental to a Netgear CM700.  Our router is a Nighthawk Netgear.

Our internet routinely crawls with speed tests sometimes as low as 30mbps and locks up when trying to stream internet or loses connection completely.

We've reset the router and modem.  I've called technical support where they're advised me to rest.  We've had a technician out who spent a little time inside and did work on pole outside and things got worse.  He left and the internet was not working.  I kept rebooting system and eventually got a weak connection.

Any advice would be appreciated.  There is a definite change and degradation of service since "upgrading."  I've read elsewhere on this forum that settings have been wrong on Cox's end.


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    Please verify your address in an email send it to so we can check your signal levels.

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    Hi, I sent the address again in an email to

    The technician came out and removed some splitters from outside the house.  It made no effective change into the speed of the internet.  

    The internet is now going out and doing the same old same old while I am away at work.

    I'm planning on contacting another ISP tomorrow and getting rid of Cox.  Hopefully a new company trying to do business will try to solve some of these issues.

  • Hey Mike,

    I have a very similar set up on 300mbs. sbg6782 modem and a nighthawk x10. I encountered a problem with the the 5g setting on the nighthawk to actually allow the higher speeds. Out of the box it would hit like 30 mbs. Once I spent a bunch of time messing with the frequencies on the 5g, I got it to up the speed. Its consistent with the modem output now at a bout 280-290mbs. There doesn't seem to be any manuals to help with this, but I found the 5g interferes with the 2.4 g. The magic setting I found was channel 153 and mode up to 800 mhz on 5g, and it unleashed the higher speeds.