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6 months ago

Unusual email advertisment from Cox.

I was just wonderring if any other Cox customers have received the same email and text as we have received. The email states "We have a new request to set up services at this address." Then goes on the mention if we are moving, to click on a link to transfer service.

Then my wife receive a text stating "A customer is requesting new service at this address" and that I should call the number provided.

I have made no such requests and call Cox to determine who might have. They advise I received the email and text because I am enrolled in the ACP and it's some kind of error.

Anyone elese experience this issue?

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  • Hi Tpb1949, as we move into December, we've started emailing ACP customers to let them know it's time to recertify for the ACP subsidy. It's possible that the communication you received was in relation to this process. If you aren't sure if an email or text message is legit or a phishing attempt, don't respond to the email or text and don't click on any links included in the email or text. You will need to recertify for the ACP subsidy at the end of the year, so be on the alert for an email with instructions on how to recertify. Please email us at if you have other questions or concerns.