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8 months ago

Unstable internet connection

Having repeated issues with unstable connections due to extremly high packet loss. Currently to isolate the issue this test was preformed with the modem (Arris SB8200) hardwired directly to the PC, the modem was directly attached to the drop line outside. The issue beings at hop 2, packet loss will skyrocket before that specific address stops replying at all, shortly after that connection will drop all together. 

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  • Hello there. Thank you for contacting the Cox Social Media Support Team. I certainly apologize for the service issues you are experiencing. At first glance of your ping plotter graph, the packet loss actually begins at hop 1. While it shows, such a high packet loss at hop 2, this is not indicative of an issue there, as it could be just a router that does not respond to ICMP packets, as easily. What we can tell is that the packets restore at hop 3 and 4 back to the way it was when it left hop 1. It also reaches its final destination of with the same amount of packet loss at hop 3.  This indicates that the destination was actually reached, so the packets and transmission did not drop altogether as you mentioned.  The hops at 11 - 19, just show that those routers do not respond to ICMP at all and will not display anything.  As long as it shows, it has reached its destination at the end, the packet was not dropped altogether.  


    So, in this case, our issue begins at hop 1, which would be a localized issue that we can perhaps delve a bit deeper to see if we see any issues on our end first.  Can you send us an email to with your full name and complete address? That way we can take a look at this further for you.  

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      First, set the target to a IPv4 address for easier to read results. Second, run a trace to If you see packet loss or high latency there, try replacing the ethernet between the PC and modem.

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        IPv6 isn't that scary, time to learn it and move on.  Only issues I've had with is was my prefix delegation changed this weekend for some reason requiring a bit of firewall rule re-writing but there's a solution for that issue to.  I just need to read the manual.

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    I better get some type of credit for 2 days without service I'm paying for.