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5 years ago

Unpleasant experience when initiating the service

I started a new service with COX. To initiate a new service, the mandatory procedure is to confirm my personal information over the phone call. If not, the service was to be canceled.  I called 844-251-2673 to make sure I initiate the service I registered. The lady picked up the phone and started to check my information. She was extremely rude and irresponsible through this process.

First, when I had to answer some of the questions she asked me, I asked if she can repeat them as I could not hear her properly. I wasn't rude when asking if she could repeat, as I understand it can be irritating for her. But then she said: "Oh let's say your answer is 'none' ". I was shocked for this irresponsible attitude - How does she decide the answer for me when it is for the security checkup? Do I have to be responsible for such answers? By the way, one of these questions was to tell her my full SSN!!!!!

Second, what made me very upset is she refused to tell me the instructions to actually start using the service. She is not the one who initiates the service, but I have to call another phone number and provide my information on the system/ kit etc, so COX connects the service to my place. Again, I missed some of the information and the phone number I had to write down. I understand that she may be annoyed, thus I was careful when asking her to repeat. However, she told me the connection is bad so she cannot hear me at all. Since then she keeps repeating the line is bad so she cannot hear me and refused to instruct me what I have to do. I wonder how she knows whether I was asking her to repeat the instructions if the line connection was bad! More, I was in my office where I make phone calls for work, so I was sure she could hear but refusing to finish her role. So I asked her to email me the information as the line is bad, then, she explained that she cannot send emails. Again, she only hears things she wants to hear! So I told her, now she can hear me, I would like to have instructions and with a deep sigh, she told me the instruction. 

I am very shocked how someone can PRETEND as if a connection is bad to REFUSE to instruct the next step in order to start the service. Seems like she does not care whether I can use the service or not as long as she can bill me! More, the questions I had to answer was one of the mandatory processes which everyone has to go through to start using COX - which means I have no choice but to do it!  And the way she decides my answer for the security check-up and asks for me to be responsible for these answers is very shocking. I think it is extremely dangerous to check such private information via phone call with such employees.

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