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4 years ago

Unknown tier internet ?

I upgraded to Ultimate 500 was getting 450/10 then a week later I couldn't check my data usage and was only getting 200/10 I check my account on my phone it says unknown tier ? Could I get the correct tier resent to my modem tried chat all they did is try to sell me things I don't want.

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    I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil reset the modem and the speed is back where it used to be still have no idea how much data I am using. Support has no idea either but they instantly wanted to sell me more without telling me how much I used 😞

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      Used-car, salespersons.

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      @Gotcha29, Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a link to this thread to so we can look into this data reporting issue for you. Thanks. -Allan, -Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • I just checked and your modem is already showing on the correct tier for the Ultimate 500.

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      Might need to call and ask them to reset the config on your modem

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    you should see the service you're getting when you sign in to the cox residential homepage.