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8 months ago

Unknown Connected Device

So I just upgraded modem/router to CGM4331. Everything seems ok, BUT! one of my connected devices is listed as a "Netgear Neatgear Nighthawk X6S (EX8000) Extender". I thought I had narrowed it down to my HP7855 printer, as I did a troubleshoot on it when unplugged and it did not connect.  So I did a factory reset on it. NOW, it, the X6S, is still there, but it's IP is my Netgear EAX15 Wi-Fi extender's 2.4GHz band. SO, I don't know if you followed this but WTF! Is going on?  

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    Is it breaking anything with your network? Also, you should be able to look up the manafacture by the MAC address.

  • So I'm indeed not quite following all of this as it's been stated.  Let's try breaking this issue down ito small, managable chunks.  For starters, do you use a Nighthawk Wifi extender in your home?

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    WMO:  Not breaking anything but my mind. MAC address is Netgear. Host is my HP Printer (Hp708A03)

    EC:  I do not use a "Nighthawk" extender, but do use a Netgear EAX15 extender. 

    Im thinking somehow it's my printer that connected to my extender.  I set the extender up as a mesh network and uses same login. 

    So I unplugged the printer, reset the extender,  unplugged the extender, then plugged in the printer forcing it to connect to Cox modem.  I lost the original Netgear Nighthawk X6S name, but still has a Netgear MAC!



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      They might be the same device.  I'd check the MAC address reported against what's on the product label to confirm.