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8 months ago

Unable to send SMTP emails from iOS/iPadOS when not connected to Cox network.

Similar to issue here: Unable to send SMTP emails from Outlook when not connected to cox network. | Cox Community

Basically, when I am away from home and connected to WiFi/Internet from a different telecom, my outgoing email does not work. When I am on my phone connected to Verizon wireless, it works fine. But (most recently) when I am connected to my daughter's in-home WiFi in Washington state, the outgoing email fails. This was when she was with Charter/Spectrum before and still occurs with the new ISP, Ziply Fiber. This happens at other locations as well. And since my iPad does not have a cellular plan, I am never able to send emails from that device when I am not at home. This is really problematic as I do most of my work from my iPad when travelling.


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    Use your iPhone as a hot spot and then connect your ipad to it and then send the email. WMO is probably right, but the easiest fix since your verizon cell service works to send email is to use the hot spot function, and stay on the cell service unless you are at home. 

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    What error do you get when you try? Probably a reverse IP(PTR) issue. Your options are to use webmail, use a alternate email(like Gmail) or set up a VPN like in the post you linked.