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2 years ago

Two ugly cable boxes in our yard

How do I go about having Cox come out and look at their cable boxes. At least one of them needs to be removed. We have one that looks ancient still in our yard next to a newer one not to mention we also have the luck of a fire hydrant,  a street sign and some other metal rectangular thing on the ground of our yard 

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    If they are located in the easement area, then no, there is not a lot you can do, unless you are willing to pay for them to make changes. 

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    Sounds like a property easement issue to me. You can try emailing Cox at and see if they can investigate. Would probably take a engineer to really comment so you might not get anywhere. Good luck.

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    Are you certain they are both Cox? In our neighborhood, Cox and US West pedestals are side by side. In some cases the US West pedestals are mixing covers, have cables on the ground, and so forth. Since there's limited call for landlines, there's not much maintenance.

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    If it is possible to relocate them, which a lot of times it isn’t, you may be expected to front the cost of relocating it.