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3 months ago

Turning off Two-Step Verification

Due to a weird set of circumstances I had to go to the local Cox store to regain access to my account online and, of course, my email.  This was a lot of trouble and took quite some time but I eventually got everything back.  Everything is essentially back to what it was...  except for one thing:  I would now get a prompt telling me to check my email for a code that I have to enter to complete the online log-in. 

This may be safer but I didn't have to do this before, and I really don't want the feature at this time.  I got hold of a tech over the phone and explained the problem  The tech then did something which turned off the Two-Step process for the main browser I use on my desktop computer to access my Cox account.  The problem is that this apparently works on only one browser I use (in this case, Chrome).  Other browsers, if I try to log in to my Cox account, still cause the Two-Step process to take place.  

What I'd like to know is how to turn the Two-Step off for at least one other browser.  I haven't the faintest idea how the tech did this but she seemed to indicate I could do it myself.  Any relevant information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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