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3 years ago

Transferring Cox Email Address to Another Cox Account

I am planning to cancel my Cox account in the near future, but would like to be able to keep my email address as I have had it for many years and it would be difficult to compile a list of all the contacts that use it to contact me as well as all the online services that I have signed up for using the address.

My question is, would it be possible to transfer my email address (it is the primary address on my account) to my parents' existing Cox account? I understand that my address would basically be owned by them, but I would still have access to it and that is what is important. After reading about similar issues people have asked about in the past, this seems like it would be the easiest solution if it is possible. I just need some confirmation.

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    you can't save it for later use but you can export your contacts within cox webmail!