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4 years ago

Terrible speeds with Gigablast

After getting Gigablast, I had appropriate speeds once.  I was able to get around 100 MBPS on Steam and all the Speed Tests hit around where they should.  Since then, my speed has gone lower and lower and lower.  Speed Test rarely makes it to half and Steam is now between 1 and 10 MBPS.  I've done multiple resets of both my modem and my router, I've had a technician over and they ran new line outside and replaced my modem and it was better for a couple of days, and I've plugged the modem directly into my tower with no change.  I'm wondering if the issue is the modem Cox provides and if I should just look to either get an approved Docsis 3.1 modem or go back down to the previous slower but more reliable service.

Has anyone else here fixed this issue by getting their own modem?  I see CM1100's on sale for $100 now and those are approved.  I think I may just get one anyway and hope for the best.

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    After a long chat with a technician who couldn't find anything wrong on their end and sent me to a help page that just told me to use wired, I've decided to buy the cm1100.  if that doesn't work, I'll probably just go back down to 300.  At least I could reliably get the speeds I paid for on that.