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2 months ago

Technicolor CGM4141 - So Loud

Cox advertised that they’d replace my older Arris Docsys 3.0 Panoramic modem with a newer 3.1 Panoramic modem at no charge and no monthly fee. I took advantage of this, and received the Technicolor CGM4141 modem (looks previously used). It’s so loud - the fan vibrates and is just terrible. I’d have to wrap this in styrofoam and keep it locked in the garage to use this thing at my house. So I returned the modem, and went back to my nice silent Arris TG1682 Panoramic modem.

They offered to replace with a newer Technicolor modem, but why go through the trouble if they are all this loud?

Does anyone else have this problem with the CGM4141? And if they replace the modem with a different 3.1 Panoramic modem, are they all this horribly loud?