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3 years ago

System losing devices

Installed a new modem (retail) and the system would not let it register. After four rounds with customer service online/phone, went in to the local Cox store and they managed to registerthe modem to the account.

Went home, modem took a bit made it on the system had a half hour of use and then BOOM, no signal. At the same time the minibox dropped offf, no signal.
There are two lines coming into the house. The minibox and DVR are one one line, and the internet and (Seperate) phone modem are on the other. Only ONE device per line now works. Phone has no issue finding system, DVR works fine. 

Cox support cannot seem to find ANY of my gear from the server side. NONE. Yet one device on each line continues to function.

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    I'll assume you have 3 coaxial splitters.  One in the box on the side of your house and two on each of the lines coming into the house.  Inspect these splitters.  Do the splitters look old, dirty, etc.

    You could on one of the lines coming into your house...the one with the modem for example...move the coaxial cable to the other output on the splitter.  Leave the telephone modem disconnected.  If it works, perhaps a bad splitter.