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4 years ago

Super slow services

I am subscribed to a Gigablast plan but for the past week or so, my connection has been so slow that sometimes it even kicks me off. I have called a technician about two months ago to look at my system only to be told that it was working fine. He also told me that our area has the slowest internet services. He blamed it on the system being bogged down due to too much “traffic”. He also said the Cox was planning to do an upgrade in our area in the next month. That was two months ago. Please tell me what I need to do because I need fast service because take on line courses. Do I call another technician to check on our system? Do I need to downgrade my plan because I am not getting the services what I am paying for? Do I just change my services to get a more consistent services? Please advice. And don’t tell me to reboot my router every morning because that doesn’t work either.

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    To post this, I had to connect to my phone hotspot because my ipad would not connect to your service.

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      Hi yeng,

      Please email us at with this post, your full name, and your complete address. We can investigate this issue and address your concerns.

      Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Do I just change my services to get a more consistent services?

    If there is another provider in your area, yes.

    If not, downgrade to whatever has been consistent.  Why gigawait?