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6 years ago

Strange/multiple refusals from Cox when adding my own Arris TG1682 to an existing account

I called Cox technical support to swap out my current Cox-owned cable modem with my own that I purchased online. I told them it was an Arris TG1682. Okay, that's just fine, it is on the supported list, they tell me. I gave them the serial number and that's when I got all sorts of strange and conflicting answers (just from that one representative) of why Cox can't switch my rental Cable modem over to the one I purchased:

Representative's Reason 1: "It isn't in Cox's inventory, so I can't provision this." Because the cable modem isn't actually owned by Cox, I cannot add it into my account, I'm told. Does this make sense? Actually, someone else (outside of Cox) tells me that if the serial number was in their inventory, then they couldn't provision it because it belongs to Cox and was rented out to another customer and needs to be returned!

Representative Reason 2: "Customers aren't allowed to bring their own modems to Cox." I mean, this seems silly, right? In the past, I've had Cox representatives tell me that I can go to Best Buy and get a cable modem. Before I bought this one, I looked it up on Cox's own list of Certified Cable Modems. The list said that Cox wouldn't be on the hook for supporting/replacing the device itself, but that it would work with their network. But now that I have it, I'm not allowed to use it?

Representative's Reason 3: "You don't have telephone service, so we can't provision this" (for Internet-only service). I currently have a Cisco DPQ3212 that I'm currently renting from Cox. A month ago, I ported my telephone number to a wireless carrier. (I might port it back, which is why I want to stick with a VoIP capable modem.) Right now, I'm paying Cox $9/month (or so) in rental fees, so I'm trying to avoid that. But I'm told that because I don't currently have VoIP service that Cox can't provision this particular replacement modem on my account because it has VoIP features? Is this the real reason? Because if it is the only thing holding me back, I'll add a minimum-tier VoIP service onto my account just to get it done.


1. What is the real story?
2. What do I say to the next representative that I talk to in order to make the provision the cable modem that I purchased, is not owned by Cox, and is on the list of certified devices which work on Cox's network?

I appreciate your time. Speculative responses are welcome, but I really would like an authoritative answer! :)

Your favorite ichiban,
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  • Representative #1 was correct, it sounds like this was a modem that was originally provided by a different internet provider and we are not able to add these to our inventory. These type of modems are rented by ISP's (including Cox) and not provided for purchase by the actual provider. They would need to be returned to the original provider after not being used anymore, so whoever originally used this modem is/was likely charged the cost of the whole modem by that ISP. This would be the same issue if it was provided by Cox and was trying to be used on a different ISP's network. You are able to provide your own modem for internet service, but you would need to make sure that it is an actual retail modem.

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      Brian, I'm trying to grab ahold of the logic here. Stick with me...

      whoever originally used this modem is/was likely charged the cost of the whole modem by that ISP.

      It seems that ultimately, Cox (like any other company on the planet) wouldn't know under what circumstances a modem was obtained. In the case that you described, hypothetically, a customer could have rented it from another cable provider, not returned in, and they ended up being charged for it, paying the full price for the modem. (Or, in other words, "he purchased the modem".)

      So does Cox really enforce a policy that says, "if it is possible that a modem was once rented from another provider, then if customer paid for it or not, we're just not going to hook it up, regardless if it is 100% compatible?" That doesn't make much sense, and I didn't see this policy anywhere.

      But if so, can Cox provide a list of all the banned modems that I and others need to avoid using with Cox? Can Cox document this on an official support page? I purchased this modem based on Cox's own recommendations. If you guys are telling me you've got a secret ban list, I need to know that before I purchase a modem, not after.

      I love you guys, but secret unpublished policies with logical inconsistencies are a real turn-off, you know? Can you make it right?

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        That is correct. I do not have a specific list other than the one you have probably seen already (, but any that are Cox Voice compatible would definitely be part of this group (basically any that have a phone port). This is not a Cox-specific policy, it goes for the other cable providers as well. We cannot use modems that are specifically reserved for their inventory as they cannot use ours. I'm sorry you did not find this out prior to the purchase of the modem, but I would try to return that to the seller if at all possible and purchase a retail modem of your own.

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