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3 years ago

SSH from outside into home PC


I'm trying to set up outside ssh/sftp access to my home PC while on vacation. I used a non-standard port and set up port forwarding on my router, but I can't get a connection.

Before I waste time trying to debug the problem, I would like to know whether Cox blocks all incoming connections, including incoming ssh/sftp access for home customers under the theory that when you contact your home PC from the outside the ssh/sftp service running on your PC is a "server".

I am fully aware that the acceptable use policy prohibits "servers of any type or any other device, equipment, and/or software providing server-like functionality in connection with the Service, unless expressly authorized by Cox". 

Nevertheless, the policy does not define "server", or "server-like functionality". The essential feature of a server for Cox, for the purpose of preserving upstream capacity, is that it is available to and used by the public. A private ssh/sftp service that a home customer uses for themselves only, cannot reasonably be characterized as a server. For this reason, I believe that what I am asking about is permitted under the acceptable use policy.