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7 months ago

Speed to router intermittent dropping down

The speed to my Wi-Fi router typically is 500 mbps however it occasionally drops to 20 mbps.  I changed out my router yesterday with cox but it is still dropping down a few times a day.

Is this normal or is it a problem?



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  • Hi Dcompton21, I apologize you are having trouble with our service. A sudden drop in speed is something we will need to investigate. Please reach out to us privately so we can look into this. Our email address is Please include your full street address and the link to this forum post.

    Greg P

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    When you say the speed to your wireless router, are you talking about an internet speed test, OR, are you talking about the speed of the wifi link between your device, and the router itself? Depending on what you are talking about, will dramatically alter the troubleshooting!